By-Laws in English

Registration By Laws (English)
Name of the organization will be All India Small Newspapers Association (AISNA). Whenever the name of AISNA is referred, it will be understand to be All India Small Newspapers Association. “Small” is only a title, it will to do with the number of circulation.
The registered office of this organization will be in it’s short name will be known as Union State Territory AISNA New Delhi.
Working area of the association will cover through out the country.
To write all newspapers published from different states and cities publish from any part of the country in different languages. The circulation of which should be up to 1,00000.To enhance the combined prestige of all these newspapers and give them respectability. To increase co-operation, co-ordination and equality in united newspapers.To find out ways and means along with some programes to face to face all the situations arising in the process of its well being.To become the medium of making facilities being given by government agencies to these papers.To establish mutual understandings and cordial relations between journalists and other workers which are affiliated with small news papers.To raise and establish the standards of all the facilities to newspapers in practical terms.To help the journalists and newspaper organization in finding out all the legal binderences put by the government.To get a financial cooperation for newspapers, established by the government to make funds abailable to news papers for their professional requirements.To apprise the journalists from linguastic disputes probential religion, seperatism related to national issues in the larger interest of the organization.To do attempt for saving newspaper from political competitive crisis because small newspaper efforts for developing good views and right direction to the society in a limited area, small newspaper are not for only reporting.To establish not only the feeling of brotherhood cooperation among the newspaper and journalist.To organize professional seminars and symposums, to find out the real and practical ways on all the burning national topics in true prospectives having in mind the national upliftment, to organize tour parites and study circles and also to organize meaningful steps of research related to these issues.Linguistic dispute, statism, sepertism and communial policies will not be involved in development of journalism.To make a conserted effort to see that the government behaves with respectability and dignity with all the journalists in the association.To use the funds of the association only to fulfil the above mentioned aims and objects of the association and not in any other thing in anyway.Association can immerse different organization in itself which are nor big in different states.To help in solving the problems of small newspapers and journalists by participating and representing all the government and non-govenment committee made for this purpose in central, state and district level.
The membership of the organization will be open for all jarnalists of the nation, different newspapers as a editor, sub-editor, special correspondents, reporters, persons which work in editional sections and free lancers but should abide rules and regulations (aims and objects) the association.
The membership of the organization will be following:
Founder Member:
The members who have signed on the memorandum of the association, with the cooperation of him/her the assocation has taken this practical shape will also be like founder members of the association, but will not free from the membership fee.
Respectable Members
The journalists who have been working for a long time in the profession may be enrolled has honourable members of the association . If these honourable members feel like contributing financially to the organization will not have to give any membership fee.
On the recommendation of the national representative, any journalist to our associated with any journalist organization or newspaper or profession my become a member of association after paying the membership fee and filling memebership form.
National executive will supply application forms, which are to be duly apply the published authorized representative and submitted alongwith the required fees.Member should have atleast one year experience and related in atleast six months of publishing papers.A sub-committee of three members will be nominated by the president to rerutinize the application forms for approval.Identity cards will be issued to those publishers/authorized agents after they fulfill the required conditions.Renewal of membership will be entertained during the months of January to March, every year.
The executive body can terminate the membership of a member who joined under Rule-5, if the sub-committee recommends action against the member.The membership referred above shall be terminated after issuing on show cause notive, when it is found that a member has violated the rules and Bylaws and his/her activity is against the interest of society. The information of terminating of a member will be widely published, so that such member can’t misuse the name of AISNA, and identity card.The member terminated by AISNA can approach the national executive body and can submit his appeal before it to express his feelings.In case of death of a member or terminated or submitting of resignation or saint to renew his membership.Any member who is punished by court of law.
President will be the chief head of the organization. In case any situation arises in the smooth running organization the National president will take away all the powers of executive and organize the functioning of the society till a general body meeting is called for.The National President shall preside the General Body meeting, National Council, National Executive and annual convention and seminar and meeting of sub committees.The Decision of National president will be final.The president shall inspect and supervise the functioning of organization.He/She shall represent the association before all the government and non government organization along with other
Powers And Duties Of Vice President
In the absence of National president.President shall preside and act in the capacity of president.
Powers And Duties Of General Secretary
Will represent and correspond in all the matters of the association.To call for all the meetings and maintain the minutes look.Will submit all the reports before the executive body for its approval.Will collect annual membership fee and will provide a receipt for the same and also publish and modify all the functions and activities of association.Manage the office and maintain the record brood stamps and other material and keep them safe.Maintain the membership register and the records of membership forms.Pass receipt for all the payments received by him/her and all payments shall be made by way of check.Tour and organize the association as and when necessity arises.
Rights And Powers of Secretary
In the absence of General Secretary the secretary will take charge and act as General Secretary with all the functions.He/She will assist General Secretary in his/her work.
Work, Rights, Powers And Duties Of Treasures
Maintain all the records and documents of income.Shall deposit the amounts received into a nationalized bank. He shall spend an amount of Rs. 500/- only for the fun touting of the association at his/her before.He/She will help the General Secretary and Secretary in the collection of membership fees.
Form of The Organization
will be three tiesCentralStateDistricts
General Body
All the members of the organization shall be called General Body members.The general body meeting shall be conducted once in two years or whenever delegates request or the sameThe General Body shall have the rights to decide for winding up of the association.The required quorum for the General Body meeting is 1/10 of the total members.
Representatives Conference
The delegates meeting will be held every two years to strengthen the association in fulfilling its aims and objectivesOne delegate shall be elected for every ten members in all the state bodies and district bodies. In case of more than five and less than ten members an additional delegate should be elected.
Works of Representing
In term of progress repo for last year and for future suggestions by General Secretary will also be in report. It will think and made rules and regulations.To pass reports the income of the association which will be presented after checking by the association.Selection of the National council for coming forth years.To thing and take decisions on these suggestions which will be given by any member of the association and presented before 15 days of the conference.Information of any conference will be given personally before one month to all representatives, times, dates and objects to discuss will also be on paper.Coram will be appreciated in the presence 1/5 of the total number representatives.Representing will be highest organization for amending making policy and working style so it can also call meeting of national council or national working committee or on the request of 1/10 the representatives it can also call meeting.Every representative can give only one vote excluding president, president can give one vote extra if equal vote situation creates.Submit president ship, be done by the contemporary president, will work as a presiding officer.After election new elected president, General Secretary and treasurer will be active in there work.
Central National Council
Representing Submit will also elect 100 members of Central Council.Members of the National council will be the members and designation holders of National working committee.National Council will be the supreme organization in between setting policies between two summits.On the suggestion of national working committee or in written demand. General Secretary can call National Council meeting should also be called before 25 das enclosed along with notice.Regularly one in the year National Council will be definitely called.National Council can discuss about then previous of the National working committee. It will pass annual income and expenditure. It Will made policies for the the next year National working committee for doing works.
National Working Committee
It will look after or organize daily routine work of the association, help in systematically running the program. National council’s decision will be changed into addition through him. At the time of representatives meeting president will select all members and official stall.National working committee will be formed of 31 members 1 president 2 Vice president, 1 General Secretary,3 Secretary, 1 treasures and 23 members will be in hall.National council’s the committee may call emergency meeting giving specific timing with detail agenda.
Central Working Committee
It will be the duty and right of the central organization to look after and manage the movable and non movable properties of the association.The central committee will also have the right to suspend or appoint new member of the committee in case it feels necessary.When necessary the committee will purchase property and make provisions of collection money.Central committee will keep an account of all the state branches and manage all necessary situations. Every year the committee will pass these accounts after discussing these things in details.It will collect there report and present them before central working committee. Through president it will control in working of every designated member.It will published hand bills, books, reports and magazines for benefit of the association. It will also collect seminar, discussion and competitions if required.It will present General Secretary report, report of income and expenditure discipline, suggestions for the next years and budget will be prepared by it.Branches of the association will be established and every state and city will give them reorganization and will do every effort to make them broad and wide.Whatever will be important for the progress and achieving aim of the association it will do.Related with members administration and development of the association it will work for that.It will select those members which will represent association in administrative organization.
State Organization
In state level on the bases of representative into ratio I from the city or town will have a meeting or conference once in every two year.State council of 60 members and state working committee of 27 members will be elected by the state representatives with the help of and behalf of the National President of the association.1 president, 1 Vice president, 1 State Secretary, 2 Secretary, 1 Treasurer and 16 members will be elected in state working committee, state president can nominate 4 members. Designated persons can increase or decrease accordingly the demand.State working committee meeting will be held every 3rd year and it will be called by state minister after giving 15 days prior intimation about it 1/5th part of the working committee’s can call meeting after giving in black and white.
District Organization
In district level all members will be representative and there meeting will be in submit.
District representatives will form District Committee to work systematically 1 president, 1 Vice president, 1 District Minister, 1 Minister, 1 Treasurer and 10 members will be selected. Total numbers of members of members will be 15 in committee. It can be increased if necessary.
Councils will not be in district level and nominated members will also be not in there working committee.
District committees can put there problem to state committees or if required they can put directly to state committees.
Every 5th year in National representative meeting selection will be only of President Members and designated persons of National Working Committee will take part in that process selection will be through simple voting system. This voting will be confidential and secrecy will be maintained of it.
Working period of National Working Committee will of five years. In any emergency period it can extended till 6 to 12 months.
Any designated person will not be elected or selected more than three regularly.
Only the members who are legally elected will be able to take part in election. They should also be completed 1 year membership and there next year membership should be up to date.
In state level language will be state language or national language Hindi but in national level work will be In Hindi and English both.
In case of vacancy
In death of any member
Self resignation and acceptance of that
If become mad or proved moral culprit (accused)
If member is demised from membership then his place will be vacant from representative conference National council, National working committee, State Committee or sub submits
Filling of Vacancy
If the vacancy is in National working committee then it will be filled by the President. In state it will be filled by the State     President.
In case president is vacant, immediately National Working Committee will give charge temporarily to Vice President,     other vacancies will be filled by the president.
If vacancy will be in part of President then Vice President, If general Secretary then Secretary will take temporary leave     and with in 6 month part will be filled after completing all formalities.
Funds and property
Institutions complete accounts will be kept properly by the treasurer, including income and expenditure. The funds will     be kept in any Delhi’s nationalized bank on behalf of the institution. Every year it will be passed by the Working    Committee. In case of necessity state and District Committees can also open there account with combined (joint)    signature.
Account will be kept (open) in bank with joint signature of the President General Secretary and Treasure. Money    drawing work can be completed by any two of them’s joint signature generally Rs. 500 will be given to General    Secretary or Treasurer for.
Two non members (auditors) will be kept for checking of income and expenditure.
National Working Committee will be responsible for all types of properties. Trust can be made of representatives     conference orders or National Working Committee want it to make itself. National Working Committee can also give its     same rights to the trust.
Excluding, in of dissolving the association property will not be sold and disturbed.
National Working Committee sumit will also act for depositing funds.
Legally Association will get land or house for making ‘Press Club’ Association will do this for making good relations for     developing brotherhood relations for collecting news and for establishing ideas of journalism.
Association finance year will be from January to December.
Judicial Disputes
From the association or from the behalf of the association accordingly institution registration act 1960 any rit or petition will be applied by the president or General Secretary.On the association or by the association any type of judicial dispute will be activated only on these jurisdiction courts where association’s registered office will be available. After getting complete acceptance from the association, General Secretary and President will be able to put papers in the court.
President or General Secretary can take action against any dispute but they will have to mention about right out correct situation to the National working committee.
Dissolving of the association
In case of dissolving or breaking of the association, association will make any trust or will give all moving and stable property to any other association which will be having aims and object in comparison to the association. National Working Committee or national council will not be able to take any decision in general bodies meeting and in their terms or per given in rules. (It can give hard over its rights).
Association will be dissolved accordingly article 13 and 14 of the of the recognized registration act 1960.
Correction in constitution or laws
In and accordingly consideration of article 12, 12a, circular or law sub law, any change will take place. Any type of correction accordingly registration act 1960.
Correction in law constitution changed association’s representative meeting will be passed accordingly National Council.
All corrections will be focused before a month among structural representative’s meeting complete state and district branches.
All changing and corrections will be passed in presence of two-third (2/3) votes of the representatives.
Association General Secretary will be kept safe with him one register of every member.
Each time working national committee members list will be send to registration office Delhi accordingly article 4 registrations.
In area of union state Delhi all rules will be applied accordingly organization registration sub act 1860. In constitution all law and sub laws will be applied accordingly above written ways.
Note: This constitution in passed in National Council meeting at Lucknow held on 31th Agugust 1982. It will be applied from right now.
Shri Sachidanand Shastri General Secretary
Shri Siv Shankar Tripathi National President
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